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Top 100 Modules List Complete

It has taken me some time as I have added all 100 modules manually in my free time, but I have catalogued each of the Top 100 Drupal Modules with lots of information currently available. I plan to add more information as I continue to build out new CCK fields. Currently I am cataloging the full module information page, the module publish date, the module author, and module dependencies. There are also direct links to the module author and module page on

Future plans for our Drupal module directory include adding the ability to review modules and themes, adding fields for all current module maintainers, adding links to the documentation link, and adding feeds for current issues and current releases. Once the CVS repository has been converted to GIT I will be adding links to the GIT repositories as well. I figured it wasn't much sense right now since the CVS repository is going to be changing soon. I also plan to add more relationships throughout the site which include interlinking related modules and themes to books, videos, screencasts, and other related multimedia on the site.

There is much more in store for Drupal modules on, so stay tuned for more updates and new features. The whole goal is to make Drupal and it's modules make more sense with less searching the web for all the answers. To keep up to date on the latest news on Drupal Servers subscribe to our RSS feed.

Note: All statistical Module rankings are being pulled directly from the Drupal project usage overview page and rearranged periodically with the DraggableViews module.