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Record Audio From Your Browser and Play It Back with Drupal

This year at Drupalcon Chicago there was a ton of swag that was given away in the registration bag. I also happened to get a lot of extra stuff from the many vendor tables that were around the main convention hall. One particular card stuck out to me the most of all, which was for VoIP Drupal. Coming from a systems administration background, I was intrigued by this mashup of my old profession and my new profession. After I got back home, I decided to look it up and happened to stumble upon a gem of a module called AudioRecorderField. The module is fairly new, contributed just back on Feb. 25th, 2011, but offers some amazing functionality to Drupal for recording and playing of .wav files in the browser.

The module was originally developed by Leo Burd and Tamer Zoubi under the sponsorship of the MIT Center for Future Civic Media and has a dependency on the Audiofield module. It provides a CCK field that enables both recording and playing of .wav files directly from your web browser. A sample recording can be found on the website. From their post, the goal of this module is to allow people to express themselves more naturally with their own accents, background noises that are characteristic of their environment, and other things hard to express with just text.

Leo and Tamer have also created the Audio Converter module for those looking to convert the recorded WAV file to MP3. The combination of the two looks to be a win/win for new media websites and those looking for easy ways to engage their visitors online.

I am very excited to try out these modules as a way to possibly do a podcast or something of the sort for my sites. It also gives me some ideas for sites similar to YouTube, but just for audio. Stay tuned for updates to this post as I get the idea of how to setup these modules and get them working. I may end up with a follow up post with more detailed info on how to set them up and get your own audio recording site online.