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It's Called a Drupal Theme, Not a Drupal Template

There seems to be a lot of misconception out there right now that a Drupal theme is called a Drupal template. This can be seen in the Google Insights for Search tool, as it is a breakout term. This could be because a lot of new people are using Drupal, which is good, but we need to make sure that we let them know it’s called a theme.

I am not saying this becauseI am some sort of jerk, but so that new users can get an early feel for how uniform Drupal is in terms of it’s structure. Once they can learn most of the lingo, they will see that Drupal is easy to work with once you can understand what others are talking about and can search for things by their given name. If you were to search for Drupal templates, you might not find some of the best Drupal themes out there. Knowing is half the battle. The other half is found on Google.