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Build an Ecommerce Website for Free with Drupal and Ubercart

Ubercart is an online shopping cart software built using the Drupal CMS. Like all Drupal modules, Ubercart is open source, so it is a free shopping cart. Ubercart allows you to turn any Drupal website into a fully functional Ecommerce store. Because of this, you can really build a full ecommerce platform around Drupal with Ubercart and other modules. Even though Ubercart is a very easy shopping cart to use, there is even a whole community built around Ubercart itself that can be found at You can find a lot of great information on Ubercart there that you won’t find on, and they even have their own contributed modules that don’t always get included on either. It’s a great site to stop by if you are looking to learn more about Ubercart and it’s features.

There is currently a new Drupal ecommerce project under development that will be replacing Ubercart in Drupal 7. The new project, dubbed Drupal Commerce, is going to be a full rewrite to the existing Ubercart module, which should give much more power to an already powerful online shopping cart system. The main reason for doing a full rewrite is that Drupal 7 has many new features that the Ubercart developers decided it was time to start fresh and get the most out of Drupal 7’s APIs.

Some features that have been added already to the current Alpha version are:

  • Commerce entities: customer profiles, products, orders, and line items
  • Commerce fields: customer profile reference, product reference, line item reference, price, address
  • Views integration: full entity coverage, default administrative UI, self-contained shopping cart Views
  • Product functionality: product types with custom "Attribute" fields, product creation and management
  • Line item functionality: module defined line item types, #ajax enabled line item manager as a field widget
  • Order functionality: order creation and management, module defined order states and statuses
  • Cart functionality: add to cart form (via product reference field formatters), shopping cart orders, shopping cart block, drag-and-drop multi-page checkout form builder
  • Checkout functionality: drag-and-drop checkout form builder, stateful checkout process with continually updated order objects, PCI compliant approach to card data
  • Payment functionality: payment method definition and conditional availability, transaction tracking, redirected payment services integrated into normal checkout workflow

The Drupal commerce project is in full swing and you can follow in on the action on their website,, or the Drupal commerce module page,

I personally look forward to the full release of Drupal Commerce, as I have used Ubercart on several Drupal development projects, and it works great, but it would be much better if it included a few more things out of the box. It looks like Drupal Commerce is going to fix that, so stay tuned for an even better online shopping cart for Drupal in the near future.