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Added Some New Sections

We decided to add some new sections to our site as we add some helpful new content for webmasters out there looking to improve their current Drupal website, and especially those just getting started. One of the constant cries from the community is that there is not enough documentation in layman's terms.

We will provide just that. We will provide a great set of Drupal modules, Drupal themes, and Drupal tutorials in a language anyone can understand, to be used as the building blocks to designing a great Drupal website. Hopefully, with our help, webmasters of any skill can tackle the Drupal CMS with results that they can be satisfied with.

We have added a section to keep all of our Drupal hosting reviews in order, along with the Drupal help tutorials section to guide both newbies and veteran Drupal webmasters to the best host for their needs, and build an uber site from the ground up. Soon we will be trying out some new hosts to see how they fair against a moderate to heavy duty Drupal installation, so check back in a few months.

We have also added a new Drupal modules section that we will be keeping a list of the top 100 Drupal modules according to the project usage statistics on We know this is not exactly 100% correct as their stats only track sites using the Update Status module, but it is a fairly accurate look at the most used modules in the Drupal community. We may also throw in a few extras just for good measure so that nobody feels like they are being neglected. There are so many great modules out there, that it is really hard to narrow it down to the top 100 if you really think about it.